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to one of the Oldest & Most Prestigious
Martial Arts Club in Perth WA


Senshinkan Karate
130 Kingsway, Madeley WA 6065


There is so many advantages for children doing karate….

Kids martial arts training will give your child self-defence skills that could save your child’s life at some point, but the biggest enemy your child faces is not some evil person lurking in the parks or around the corner…his enemy is a lack of confidence, this in itself can cause so many side effects:-

  • Struggling at school
  • Disrespectful to others
  • Laziness in all aspects of their life
  • Unable to make friends /shy
  • Often in trouble

Advantages :-

  • Karate will build their confidence, concentration & respect.
  • Martial arts is valuable to children who do not do well in team sports
  • Often children with learning difficulties, ADD, ADHD. co-ordination problems are recommended by Dr’s & specialists to do Martial Arts to help them.


If you are ready for a positive change in your life then here is where you start.

  • Karate will help you improve your cardiovascular health, flexibility, and agility
  • Bonus – You don’t have to be in great shape to get started – Come as you are!
  • Benefit of Karate while interacting with others and pushing your body you won’t even feel like you’re working out as you are training i
  • Everyone is welcome – All age groups from late teens to senior citizens can benefit from our adult martial arts program

At our Kingsway club we have students whose parents started training with Tony when they were in Primary School, this makes for a very family orientated environment which is enjoyable.

Tony started his teaching in Greenwood and then expanded to have clubs in Kingsley, Ellenbrook, Scarborough & Kingsway. He finds teaching of all ages very rewarding, be it for fitness, self defence or tournament training. Over the years many of our students have travelled to train with our club from all areas eg., Wanneroo, Tapping, Madeley, Craigie, Hillarys, Greenwood, Kingsley, Landsdale, Ellenbrook, Brabham, Aveley, Wangara, Woodvale, Balcatta, Marangaroo, Melville, Duncraig and many more.

Remember – You can gain Confidence for life while maintaining your fitness in a positive environment.